Kevin Amos - Drums

Kevin Amos has always had rhythm in his bones. The origin story he likes to tell involves a grandparent’s gift of a sparkle-blue Micky Mouse drum set at the age of three.

Cut to present day and you’ll see a BA from Humboldt State University and an MA from the University of Akron on his mantle. Having developed considerable skill on drum set and percussion, both classical and world-centric, those who would have the pleasure of Kevin Amos’ company will instantly recognize someone with the spark of talent and passion, but with the humility of your friendly neighborhood pal. This quality has afforded Kevin the invitation to perform in a staggeringly wide array of musical projects including Salsa bands, Ballet-style Dundun ensembles, multiple musical theatre productions, full Jazz Orchestras, Symphonies andOrchestras, Caribbean-Jazz projects, all the way up to 150+ piece Steel bands. 

Abroad, Kevin has toured the country of Trinidad and Tobago and participated in multiple national Panorama competitions. In the states, he has had the luxury of playing with names such as Fred Wesley, Ted Piltzecker, Andy Narell, Liam Teague, and Victor Provost, amongst others. 

Kevin Amos will most likely tell you that this latest project, Karambá, brings all of those experiences center-stage. The work they are doing to blend multiple danceable Latin-based genres for you, the audience, to enjoy fills him with immense satisfaction and joy-which is wholly apparent and contagious.