Shawna Love - Bass

Shawna plays bass guitar, rhythm and lead guitar and loves to dabble in electronica soundscapes with her two Roland Keyboards. 

Despite doing double duty on bass and guitar in the celebrated transfemme rock group, Lipstick Conspiracy, Shawna’s real love is the bass. Lipstick Conspiracy achieved many accolades and positive press. The band has been on the same bill as Chaka Khan. Recording in famous studios throughout California, Lisptick Conspiracy has performed at nearly every Pride Festival in California. Lipstick is still asked for honorary performances and are slated to perform again on stage for the 4th time at this year's SF Pride Festival.

Shawna has also worked with the folk rock, theatrical band LordRifa as bassist. With LordRifa, Shawna has done many live performances, been on the same bill as the hit charting Puddle of Mudd and has recorded film scores for the short film, The Florida Purse, the film Brujo and various podcast shows.

As a recording engineer, Shawna produces her own original music and continues to follow her bass wherever it may take her. 

Being a fan of Brazilian Lounge music and already friends with multi-lingual lead singer Kristina Bennett, Shawna was asked to join the eclectic Brazilian grooves group, Karamba, for the role of bassist and is very excited about this next chapter of her musical journey.